Dr. Bryce

Dr. Errol B. Bryce MD., F.A.C.P. specializes in Internal Medicine and has a strong interest in Neuroscience. He practices in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Without knowing it, Dr Bryce has been experiencing the genius of Christ’s method of reaching the lost from his earliest years.  As a toddler, he accompanied his grandmother around Spanish Town, Jamaica, as she successfully led many to Christ through her various acts of compassion, hospitality, and healing. His administrative experience as Chief of Medicine, as well as his years as Director of Health Ministry in the Texas Conference brought him to a deeper awareness of the crisis of compassion in our world. 

Having an Adverse Childhood Score of 7 himself, Dr Bryce also came to learn that to reach people, we must understand how people think and what moves them. In addition, during his years of studying and teaching medicine, God led him to see ways in which medicine, neuroscience, and the Bible come together. They all demonstrate that Jesus was successful because He had such a great understanding of people and was driven by His compassion for them.  What is more, Dr. Bryce believes what Jesus said, that in partnering with Him, we can model His compassion, hospitality, and healing, and perform even greater works than He did in taking the Gospel to the world. 

Dr. Bryce is married to Hortensia, and together, they have 3 daughters that are all successful professionals. He strives to live by the principles he teaches.